Confident Insights

ForeSee technology provides true insights into the customer experience, at an individual, segment and aggregate level, giving you valuable intelligence about your customers you can’t get any other way.   Understanding their expectations and motivations, and knowing what is driving their satisfaction shows you what is working and what is not.  The ability to extend this intelligence to key customer segments gives you confidence that the resources you allocate to improve the customer experience will optimize your investments as well.

Measuring the customer experience with the same satisfaction analytics across all customer touch points gives you intelligence about the multi-channel experience to make decisions that are right for the customer and you, not just for a single customer touch point.

ForeSee’s actionable insights are easy to access and analytics tools are robust, to support further investigation by your team:

The ForeSee Advanced Analytics Portal

The ForeSee Advanced Analytics Portal gives you and your colleagues 24/7 access to the customer experience data and the satisfaction analytics technology.This includes comparing customer segments, looking at trends, ad hoc analysis, “what-if calculators”, verbatim comments analysis tools and
scheduled reports.

Integration of Our SessionReplay Technology

Integration of our SessionReplay technology with the ForeSee Advanced Analytics Portal seamlessly replays an individual user’s session to show exactly what they did while on your website, so you can follow up with the people responsible for the website experience.

The ForeSee Mobile Portal

The ForeSee mobile portal allows a quick, portable view of satisfaction analytics, to help you stay abreast of the performance trends across customer touch points anytime and anywhere.

Detailed Performance Reporting

Detailed performance reporting provides segmented views of the customer experience based on segments you define; trends and benchmarks are automatically delivered to you and your colleagues on a schedule that meets your needs.

Highly trained analysts configure the predictive models behind our satisfaction analytics to your needs, based on the goals and functionality of each touch point. In addition, ForeSee expert analysts provide ongoing analysis, featuring insights and intelligence gleaned from your customer experience analytics.